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Posted: August 25, 2012 in Life

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Bitch, Shut The F**k Up

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Life


I often find myself arguing with… well, myself. It really defines my peculiarity in general. Amidst the battle against my inner demon comes my appreciation that this oddity has been my life line in times when I just want to… retaliate against narcissistic behavior surrounding me–smothering every bit of optimistic molecule suspended throughout my little big bubble.

I am a stronger woman than a lot of people I have known and I know. I do not dwell so much on illusions that people may be creating about me. I get back up pretty fast when someone trips or pushes me and I fall… even if it means OVER, and OVER, and OVER again. I do not recall so much of ruining someone’s reputation because I dislike the person. Why? What would I gain from it?

I do not need a reason to be angry with myself.

Certain humans try to launch my rockets, regardless how many times I shy away. It’s like some people would love to see how angry I can really get, how far can I go and IF I even fall into their traps. Some people… well, they like to fabricate stories and run along with it until they start believing their own lies and leave themselves cooking another lie, until they start defending themselves from a situation that exists only in their minds—

Please, I am trying hard to be kind enough so I do not have to shove your verbal abuse back down your throat.

It takes every inch of my body to sometimes just sit there and take sucker punches to my throat, stomach and a little stabbing to the heart but, I do. When the town gossip drives up to me and render unsolicited information of how “So and So is ruining your reputation”… I just sit there, and ponder… and argue with myself.

Should I fight back? Defend myself? Fall for the bait?

No, I say.

“Bitch, Shut The Fuck Up.”

and despite my bewilderment…

Shutting up the bad thoughts lingering in my head saved myself from staining up my soul. So go ahead and make up excuses to be angry at me.

There will come a time that my patience will come to an end and then I will…

Ahhh Bitch, Shut The Fuck Up.



Posted: June 26, 2012 in Life

While on vacation in the Philippines, we held a church service at my grandma’s house on one of the Sundays we were staying there. My uncle, parted something during the sermon and pointed out the significance of love in the family.

“When one of our family members need help, everyone gets together to find a solution, everyone pitches in–no matter how bad it is.”

Everyone drops what they have to do and what they are doing to MAKE TIME in attending these urgent “family meetings”. Everyone brings ideas to the table and discusses these to alleviate the situation for the family member needing it. Everyone helps out until the situation is completely resolved and done.

Family values  in our society today are slowly fading and it deeply saddens me. Going home for a vacation seems to jump start mine… then I feel like I slowly fade in with the crowd again. Not that I have lost my values totally but not being exposed to it have changed my norm and standard.

Recently, Brandon and I have gone through a roller coaster of unfortunate events. For a long time everything was going smoothly in every aspect of our lives except for some speed bumps. However, when it rains, it pours.

Following the best vacation in the Philippines, things started taking a hard turn once we got back. We came home to an ugly situation, which was– thank God, really wasn’t that big of an issue if you think of it. Shortly after the issue was dead to me, we found out our orders to stay in Korea were with held for a few weeks. We did not have a  car, no ration cards to grocery shop and had no idea if Brandon was going to wake up the next day with a job or looking for a job.

Brandon and I are not used to asking for help so it was very difficult to do so. The only people that we are the most comfortable with when it comes to favors are family. There is a reason for that— it is the values we were raised with. Our friends reading this would never have thought of how hard the situation really was because we never showed how much distressed we were. We acted normal but at the back of our minds, our lives here might slowly disappear on us. Every day was a nightmare waiting to happen.

The issue on the orders disappeared, we got it on the third week of chaos and living below the standard… and then came some more lemons.

Our home in the US has been maltreated and once again, our kindness was taken advantage of. For three years of a charitable deed, our house was not getting enough loving from someone who would really care. It’s very hurtful, deceitful, disappointing and discouraging.


We have finally figured out the next steps for the house situation with a clearer and much more hopeful perspective and at the same time God has sent a few of his angels in the form of family to touch our hearts and say that we are not alone in this battle.

While browsing the pictures, I was balling my eyes. There were no words to speak how grateful we are. Brandon’s mom has taken over our house and the whole MILLER crew jumped on the wagon to get down and dirty!!!

Angie, Terry, Boomer, Autumn, Dakota—-

There are no words of how grateful we are of your kindness. You bring back the good ol meaning of “WHAT FAMILY IS FOR”.

Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

For this, I AM VERY PLEASED TO TAKE BACK your restriction, ANGIE –



Thank you for everything you do. We will be forever grateful.

I will be forever in debt for your kindness… then again, I AM taking good care of your son so that shaves off a few from my debt, right? LOL Just kidding.

I love you!


and oh, before I forget 🙂



When Your Man Says…

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Life


Here’s the thing about ego boosters. Truth or not, deep inside, you will always feel if a person is being honest with you or they’re just making you feel good about yourself.


Who would be the ultimate character judge you would rely on when it came to accuracy?

For me, my husband.

Last night, I was doing something for a friend. He walked towards the kitchen, paused, looked at me in the eyes and said in a low voice; “YOUR FRIENDS ARE VERY LUCKY TO HAVE YOU. YOU ARE A VERY GOOD FRIEND”.

I was very touched. I KNOW that I AM A GOOD FRIEND but to hear it from someone who I spend EVERY waking moment with, who I confide with, who knows EVERYTHING about me…

I think that’s pretty damn awesome.

No matter what other people say about you as a person, the ONLY thing that should matter is what the person who knows you the most, say.


…and who you really are, and not what you MAKE YOURSELF believe 🙂


My name is ___________, I am a _______ and a _________ I am a psychology major and have been pursuing another degree in Legal Studies.  Maybe I will be a lawyer someday. My Grade Point Average is 4.0. You should call me Ma’am. I don’t talk to people like you. You are uneducated. You can’t give me a traffic ticket. I know people. I am much more awesome than you. I am friends with the President. He and I talk a lot.




What!!? You like to leave the fat on your grilled steak? and EAT IT? OMG let’s totally hang.



Next time you visit the commissary at Camp Casey, make sure to pick up a few stuff to make this sweet rice discs that you have been paying GOLD for.

This takes about 15-20 minutes!


SWEET RICE FLOUR — Goya section where you can find the Datu Puti soysauce, noodles…etc.

Sesame seeds- Spices Section (McCornick bottle)

Brown sugar

Shaved Coconut- by the marshmallow rack



1. Combine flour and water until the texture feels like dough.

Do not put too much water…

2. Form the doughs into balls and flatten them.

3. Put flattened rice cake discs in boiling water until they float.

4. Take em out once floating. lol

5. Prepare the sesame seeds and roast them. You may use the pan and roast em on your stove top or throw them in the oven until golden brown.

6. Combine roasted sesame seeds and sugar.

7. Roll the discs in the sesame seed and sugar mixture.

8. Smother with coconut shavings!!!





Image  —  Posted: May 23, 2012 in Life

It’s funny how life throws you a curve ball and then you beat yourself over it because it feels like you are carrying the world on your shoulders at the time.


Instead, love and happiness overpowers grudge and bitterness. Watching my son grow up the way he is, makes me feel that I have done something right and that it is what matters the most. It doesn’t matter what other people think about me… at the end of the day, how my son is, reflects the person that I am.

My husband is so loving. He is one of the most amazing people I have known, all my life. Genuine, thoughtful, God-fearing and loving, especially towards his family. The way he is… must reflect what kind of wife I am.

I am not a materialistic person, although I continue to share my blessings to everyone. The most important things in my life are the ones that I have built around me… relationships. However, sometimes, life has it’s own way of putting its own twist to it but needless to say, always for a reason. Knowing the reason doesn’t change the circumstances as they unfold. The reason is usually found at the end of the movie… usually when you stopped caring any more.

So with that being said,

1. If you belittle me because you want to make yourself feel better, I forgive you.

Even though you have no idea how bitter and unhappy that makes you sound like.

2. If you ever lied about me to manipulate someone’s opinion about me, I forgive you.

Even though you know as much as I do, what the truth is.

3. If you ever knowingly said anything to offend me, I forgive you.

Even though you say, “No offense” before you say it.

4. If you ever did anything to try and jeopardize my marriage, knowingly or unknowingly–I forgive you.

Because, I am very happy with my marriage, and knowing that you didn’t care much about hurting my family, shows you have very little love in your heart. I forgive you because if I don’t, I will hold it against you forever and people you love, may mysteriously start fading from you.

5. If you ever stole from me, I forgive you.

Because you must really need it more than I do.

6. If you ever physically harmed me, I forgive you.

… you probably don’t know how to express your anger, verbally.

7. If you tried to put a price on my friendship, I forgive you.

I was probably overdoing my generosity, it seemed too good to be true, you doubted me.

8. If you ever misjudged me of being insecure, I forgive you.

because in my heart, I know I am not. In fact I have too much confidence to go around, I might have rub A LOT on you… a whole lot more than you need 🙂

9. If you have ever called me a bad person, I forgive you.

Even though you try to justify it in your own, villainous way.

10. If you have not forgiven me for anything I might have done and to this day, you use my name in a self-regarding way, I FORGIVE YOU.

Because in my heart, I have forgiven myself and have never been happier since… and that, is all that matters.

Let it go and get over it. To justify things isn’t going to change anything. When you let go of the hate in your heart, you will face reality like the person who you truly are and not the person you want other people to see.


I will rather, than feel sorry for you. I will not carry this burden for anyone, anymore.

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Life

Pardon me in advance… I do not measure anything. I am going to try and measure next time but for now, let’s “WING” it.

ALL OF THESE ingredients are found at the commissary at Camp Casey, or they might even be just laying around your kitchen cupboards.


Ribeye steak

Lobster tail/ or slipper (should be less expensive)

Asparagus (fresh or frozen)

Uncooked shrimps, Tail on


FRESH garlic or powdered (is ok too)





Soy sauce (optional)


Blueberry wine or Red Wine… whatever sweet wine you have. It doesn’t need to be a cooking wine. I used the blueberry wild vines because it was all I have, lol.

The order of the directions should be the same order you will have when you start cooking!


1. Thaw those little babies.

(This should take you 2 minutes to do)


1.Make sure they are thawed.

2.Pat salt, pepper, lemon and minced/garlic powder on each side of the steaks. Let them sit for a while. The steaks are cooked after the lobster.

(3-5 minutes)


1. Make sure they are thawed.

2. Pat salt, pepper, lemon, paprika and garlic powder all over the lobster.

3. Using scissors, cut the top of the lobster lengthwise. Dont be scared to dig the scissors into the lobster while cutting. Slowly pull apart (not completely), enough to season the lobster inside.

4. Stuff the lobster with butter, LEMON juice salt and paprika.

5. Prepare the wok/frying pan.

6. Heat pan.

7. SEAR Lobster (sealing the ingredients inside the lobster lol— browning the sides of the lobster, hot and fast)

and drizzle 3 tablespoons of wine on each lobster.

(3-5 minutes)

8. Preheat oven to 425

9. Place both lobsters facing down on baking pan.

10. Broil for 8 minutes on each side.

(10-15 Minutes total)



1. Dash some salt, two tbsp of butter and garlic in the bowl with shrimps and mix thoroughly.

2. Pan grill/Sear —I used the same pan for the lobster.

(5 minutes)

3. Keep in pan until serving.



1. Do not put oil in the pan.

2. Melt half a teaspoon of butter in the pan and evenly distribute it.

3. Sear until desired temp.

4. or just however you make steak.



1. If fresh, boil until cooked. If frozen skip to number 2.

2. Where you grilled your steak, put a teaspoon of butter and sear the ASPARAGUS.

3. Dash a wee bit of salt and garlic.

For the garlic lemon dip:

Melt two to three tablespoons of butter in the microwave, put two tbsp of lemon concentrate, pepper and salt, after.