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Posted: March 16, 2014 in Life



Dear Red,

Sure, your room can be messy and sometimes you slip and forget to say, “Yes, mom” and say “Yup”, instead.

Sure, you can be lazy at times and slack off from doing a load of laundry, out of 3.

Sure, you forget to do Extra Credit because you get too sucked in playing your IPad.

Sure, every once in a while, you slip and answer back when you know you aren’t supposed to.

Sure, we catch your most ludicrous alibi when you get in trouble and we ground you for it.

Sure, you are 11 and of course, we know that you are going through a lot of physiological changes.

Sure, you look at us straight in the eye and tell us it was THE DOG and not you.

But dear son, I want you to know, we’re adults and our rooms get messy, too. Sometimes, we tend to forget how it is to be polite–trust me, you will learn that sometimes, it takes a lot of patience to stay polite. Mind you, I cannot recall how many loads of laundry have I forgotten to do because of Facebook. Extra credit for school? Now, let me tell you a story about this girl who never paid attention to any extra credits because she thought fun things outweighed extra credits until she had to stay in school for a summer vacation while every one else were soaking under the sun. When you answer back, I want you to know that you have a right to express your feelings and that we value them. I’ve gotten in trouble for NOT saying anything at all. You will realize that parents will confuse you sometimes, if not, all the time! Honey, those raging “changes” you are going through, I understand perfectly. I passed my Lifespan class LOL. I also want you to know that “It wasn’t me, it was the dog”, is cliche. Been there, done that.

Nonetheless, these things are what makes you, YOU. I will take these, any day because you are perfect the way you are. You would choose books over toys and your idea of conversation consists of Greek Mythology? YOU ROCK. You brought home, yet again, remarkable grades from school and I know, I know, your average was 99% with a highest grade of 107% and I did say, “Well, what the heck, what did you do to the other 1%?” haha! You do know, I was kidding, right?

You are amazing and let’s keep it that way, rockstar.



Uncalled For

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Life

Before anyone brought it to my attention, I used to interchange the words “uncalled for” with the meaning of the word “rude”. I used it for so long that in all likelihood, I have rubbed the goof onto other people who initially knew what “uncalled for” is.

Thank goodness for Morgan who braved to call me out on something I was obliviously making myself a fool of. I don’t even utter those words at all anymore. I seldom encounter contexts that would settle as “uncalled for”. I opted for “rude”, instead.

2001, On my first semester at Saint Louis University, my mom came to visit my sister and me at our dorm. I was attempting to level off with her and show off how “articulate” I am in speaking English. It was okay… I spoke fast with no grammatical errors. Until I hit a word that foolishly put me in a ludicrous situation.


You see, BOTTOM if pronounced “BO-TOM” means “Your penis” in our dialect. My sentence involved the sidekick word top— TOP to your penis”.

My mom busted out laughing and my sister will never let me live long enough to hear the end of it.

I don’t use that word a lot anymore. Now, I verbally locate stuff specific to where they are– on the floor, at the end, from here to there… etc. Needless to say, I am scarred for life knowing how many times have I gone around using the words TOP to BOTTOM sending explicit messages to other people.

Work: “Please dust it off from top to “your penis”.
Church Choir: “Please start again from the top to “your penis”.
Music studio: “We have to do it again from top to “your penis”.

Thanks to my candid family, they sure won’t let you live long enough to hear the end of it. :D

I am dying to find out what other words I say that slowly slip off virgin ears. Gee, When I go into clinical this semester, I hope I won’t have to suffer the consequence of “are my testicles black” and “are my test results back” ( and have to perform  testicular exams that are UNCALLED FOR.


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As I sit here recollecting things that happened in school today, I realize how many times I have doubted myself this semester. I started to count the red flags to weigh out my pros and cons.

I’m a damn good student–pretty good grades, and good standing over all. But what happens when something ridiculously insignificant affects your whole performance in a class? Like… failing to cite an INTRApersonal communication and getting a whack of zero on the forehead for a paper? or failing to cite your own allution?

Holy smokes! That just amplifies one’s subliminal requisition of self idiocy.  The threshold of my unknown consciousness has morphed itself into something more discernible. Then I moped, I weeped, bitched and screamed. To my tragic actuality, I am bargaining defeat with dignity. Not to mention the numerous attempts and failures I have made to worm myself into the gods of the institution.

Then I stopped when I saw my friends and family posting a black and white picture of the Philippine Map. The black and white map signifies the mourning for the losses from the super typhoon.

Then I stopped.

I let out a loud sigh.

I  changed the title of this from RED FLAGS to BLUE AND RED colored FLAG.


I’m Just Settling In.

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Life

Brandon seems to be very eager for me to meet people. Everywhere I lived, I’ve always had too many friends, although there is no such thing as “too many” when everyone shows up randomly at your doorstep with a bottle of wine, to raid your fridge. Only one thing is for sure…They make me really happy.

It’s been four months and I haven’t really found anyone I can actually call to ask “What are we doing this weekend?”

When Brandon asks, my answer is simple.

“I have friends.”

It’s true, my friends are all over the world. I can call someone in Germany and have her send me the best pretzels from where she is at. One in Kuwait for some Ghuraiba cookies. I have friends in Japan for the best Ramen noodles. I have friends in Korea for some spicy sauce. I have a few people in the Philippines who would smuggle the hottest little peppers one can find. I have friends scattered in the United States who were smart enough to live some place warm, none of them is within a 6 hour drive. I have friends in UK, Canada, Russia, Italy, Nigeria etc etc! Most of them, I met from traveling and I remained friends with them since.

These people and I have so much things in common but one that is very distinctive.


Remember what Henry Rollins say about people who travel? They view things differently. They are more patient and open to the world. This is me. I can talk to you for hours and not get tired of listening to your crazy antics, in return. I will try the most disgusting, funky smelling food and charge it to experience. I will feed you with food you have not seen on TV or any gourmet cook book. If you need me at three o’clock in the morning because you want to cry over peanuts, I am there. I never ask for anything in return.

I open myself up to someone only once. What you see is what you get… if we click, we do. If not, I let go.

However, for some reason, I think some people mistake my kindness for “trying too hard” or being a loser. But what really is trying too hard? Man, if what I do is “trying too hard” relative to the norm here, I wonder what my future will be? lol

I am pretty realistic. The reason why a lot of friendships fail, is because friends stay with eachother even when they have NOTHING in common! Girls, you will be friends with someone FOR YEARS before you even realize that you are hanging out with the wrong person!

Sometimes I catch myself yapping about foreign stuff to someone and I feel like I am speaking in a different language! Lol

I now realize, some people are just not inclined to absorb unfamiliar things because they have never traveled nor have they ever opened their mind to new things.

However, for some of us, once we have been exposed to life other than what is here, we cannot turn off how our brain involuntarily wraps itself around an idea and filters things according to our own experience.

*I am aware that I am burning out quickly on topics here*

The bottom line is, I am not used to purposely setting a goal for someone to be my friend. It just happens. None of my relationships with any of my friends is predetermined! It’s like a marriage (most times, even friendship last longer than marriage).

So next time you see me walking by myself, unmindful of the world… don’t get me wrong.

This person isn’t empty and is filled with happiness inside. She just… she’s just not too worried of what you would think.


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9 years ago you had three shirts. You took me out on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That accounted for three, which left Saturday for laundry day. With the grace of hard work, the intervention and my introduction on thee existence of the garment industry, within a leisurely held pace, you had four, then five…

Although the obvious never suggested itself, I, later on in our marriage pondered, how did 3 shirts become a few dozens of clothes? That’s rhetorical. I wasn’t really mulling over the exaggeration of your attire. I slowly latched on every single time I persecuted and tormented myself at the laundry mat, self pitying and satisfying my mind to the thought that I am not your maid.

I have many ways of parading how much I adore you and it may sound silly and absurd but this is one of the few things I do to flaunt how deeply I am in love with you.

The relevance of washing your clothes to my passionate feelings for you is vast and intense.

I touch your dirty, stinky, big, heavy clothes and turn them immaculately decontaminated. I neatly slide them onto hangers and perfectly fold to form the creases of your pants. I wash your clothes because I love you.

You are one lucky fellow.

The Bocks, Being Back

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Life

Since we’ve been back, I haven’t written much. It’s been a complete turn around and it’s also been very hectic!

So, after dragging 30 boxes, 6 luggages and 3 butts back to Ohio from South Korea, It’s safe to say we are settled 3 months later.

Brandon’s fortune in landing a job with the DOL (OSHA safety officer) has been pretty neat. I love that he works from home from time to time and his job is pretty interesting. Minus the part where he has to investigate deaths and fatalities– but I guess it comes with the job. He is amazing 🙂 He deserves nothing less. Every year promotion, and to top it, it’s an almost stress-free job!

Along with this blessing is another blessing that came about.


I get to go to school full time. I don’t know, I just started to shy away from job offers and kept making excuses why I do not want to accept opportunities. One morning, I woke up and bam. I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Because the closest I could do that would require me less credit to accomplish, and pay me decent after graduation (Unlike a Psychology degree that will not really get you anywhere),  I have signed my life away back into nursing school.

Since it has been a minute from when I took some of the core classes for nursing, they only credited me a semester worth of classes, which will *fingers crossed* give me a projected grad date of winter next year 😀

As usual, Red is rockin’ in school. He misses friends from Korea but has made a few in school. He’s amazing.

Nursing school is a little tougher here than when I was in the Philippines, although (I am not saying any more) in comparison to the universities in the Philippines, the teaching technique here is a little bit less of spoon feeding. The professors encourage you to be independent, i guess.


Oh yeah, remember the Pauleys? We have seen them three-four times since we’ve been back 🙂 They have stayed in our house for a decent visit and will plan to see them more later! Spending the holidays with thee best friends– best gift ever.




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Brandon and I both have a very interesting sense of humor… it’s not surprising that we subconsciously pass it down to RED.

On his first day of school, I had to physically walk him to the door. He was walking slowly behind me and I kept on slowing down for him. When we reached the bench and settled to wait for the doors to open, other kids were waiving at me. Yes, not him… Me. I stand 5 feet. That would be very very close to a 5th grader.. lol.

Red: Okay mom, this is awkward. Stop waiving back.

Me: Why not?

Red: Because they are waiving thinking that you go here, too.

Me: That’s ok… just tell them I’m your sister.

Red: Well that’s even more awkward.

Me: Why?

Red: Look around you.. no one else came here with their sister.

Me: >_<


ImagePicking him up from school that day.

Me: How was school dude?

Red: It was good, the girls kept saying HI “FRED”, So I keep on correcting them and make sure they know it’s RED.

Me: Awww it must be the Asian thingy goin on that thee girls are saying hi…

Red: They think I’m Japanese. -_-

Me: They probably think you’ll eventually help them with their Math Homework.

Red: Coz I’m Asian?

Me: Yeah.

Red: Yeah, also because they think I can sing Gangnam style.

Me: WHat?

Red: They asked me to translate it.



On his 10th bday, he had a special request to eat at the Japanese Habachi steakhouse after school. Since we both felt really bad that Brandon had to be at work, we were coming up with a sad remark to say to him.

Me: So what are you going to say to dad when he comes home?

Red: “Dad, It wasn’t the same without you.”

Me: You gotta do better than that.

He then shifted to tilt his head a bit to the right, looked straight in my eyes…

Red: (In puppy dog eyes) Dad, it wasn’t the same without you.

Me: Hahahahahahahaha such an actor.


Towards the end of dinner, he did or said something and I was jokingly asking him to go in the corner.

Me: Go in the corner, Young man!

Red: But it’s my bday…

Me: You still have to go stand in a corner.

He got quiet for a bit and was messing with his chopsticks on the table.


Red: There, I already am technically, in a corner.

Smarty pants positioned the chopsticks to form an angle.

Hitting the double digits, I want Redrick to know how much we appreciate him. This has been a tough transition and regardless of the situation, I want him to feel the changes at a bare minimum and MAKE HIS BDAY PARTY ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF HIS LIFE.

He is amazing.