Posted: March 16, 2014 in Life



Dear Red,

Sure, your room can be messy and sometimes you slip and forget to say, “Yes, mom” and say “Yup”, instead.

Sure, you can be lazy at times and slack off from doing a load of laundry, out of 3.

Sure, you forget to do Extra Credit because you get too sucked in playing your IPad.

Sure, every once in a while, you slip and answer back when you know you aren’t supposed to.

Sure, we catch your most ludicrous alibi when you get in trouble and we ground you for it.

Sure, you are 11 and of course, we know that you are going through a lot of physiological changes.

Sure, you look at us straight in the eye and tell us it was THE DOG and not you.

But dear son, I want you to know, we’re adults and our rooms get messy, too. Sometimes, we tend to forget how it is to be polite–trust me, you will learn that sometimes, it takes a lot of patience to stay polite. Mind you, I cannot recall how many loads of laundry have I forgotten to do because of Facebook. Extra credit for school? Now, let me tell you a story about this girl who never paid attention to any extra credits because she thought fun things outweighed extra credits until she had to stay in school for a summer vacation while every one else were soaking under the sun. When you answer back, I want you to know that you have a right to express your feelings and that we value them. I’ve gotten in trouble for NOT saying anything at all. You will realize that parents will confuse you sometimes, if not, all the time! Honey, those raging “changes” you are going through, I understand perfectly. I passed my Lifespan class LOL. I also want you to know that “It wasn’t me, it was the dog”, is cliche. Been there, done that.

Nonetheless, these things are what makes you, YOU. I will take these, any day because you are perfect the way you are. You would choose books over toys and your idea of conversation consists of Greek Mythology? YOU ROCK. You brought home, yet again, remarkable grades from school and I know, I know, your average was 99% with a highest grade of 107% and I did say, “Well, what the heck, what did you do to the other 1%?” haha! You do know, I was kidding, right?

You are amazing and let’s keep it that way, rockstar.



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