Uncalled For

Posted: December 29, 2013 in Life

Before anyone brought it to my attention, I used to interchange the words “uncalled for” with the meaning of the word “rude”. I used it for so long that in all likelihood, I have rubbed the goof onto other people who initially knew what “uncalled for” is.

Thank goodness for Morgan who braved to call me out on something I was obliviously making myself a fool of. I don’t even utter those words at all anymore. I seldom encounter contexts that would settle as “uncalled for”. I opted for “rude”, instead.

2001, On my first semester at Saint Louis University, my mom came to visit my sister and me at our dorm. I was attempting to level off with her and show off how “articulate” I am in speaking English. It was okay… I spoke fast with no grammatical errors. Until I hit a word that foolishly put me in a ludicrous situation.


You see, BOTTOM if pronounced “BO-TOM” means “Your penis” in our dialect. My sentence involved the sidekick word top— TOP to your penis”.

My mom busted out laughing and my sister will never let me live long enough to hear the end of it.

I don’t use that word a lot anymore. Now, I verbally locate stuff specific to where they are– on the floor, at the end, from here to there… etc. Needless to say, I am scarred for life knowing how many times have I gone around using the words TOP to BOTTOM sending explicit messages to other people.

Work: “Please dust it off from top to “your penis”.
Church Choir: “Please start again from the top to “your penis”.
Music studio: “We have to do it again from top to “your penis”.

Thanks to my candid family, they sure won’t let you live long enough to hear the end of it. :D

I am dying to find out what other words I say that slowly slip off virgin ears. Gee, When I go into clinical this semester, I hope I won’t have to suffer the consequence of “are my testicles black” and “are my test results back” (http://www.jokeped.com/joke/61/2430/A-male-patient-is-lying-in-bed) and have to perform  testicular exams that are UNCALLED FOR.


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