Posted: November 16, 2013 in Life


As I sit here recollecting things that happened in school today, I realize how many times I have doubted myself this semester. I started to count the red flags to weigh out my pros and cons.

I’m a damn good student–pretty good grades, and good standing over all. But what happens when something ridiculously insignificant affects your whole performance in a class? Like… failing to cite an INTRApersonal communication and getting a whack of zero on the forehead for a paper? or failing to cite your own allution?

Holy smokes! That just amplifies one’s subliminal requisition of self idiocy.  The threshold of my unknown consciousness has morphed itself into something more discernible. Then I moped, I weeped, bitched and screamed. To my tragic actuality, I am bargaining defeat with dignity. Not to mention the numerous attempts and failures I have made to worm myself into the gods of the institution.

Then I stopped when I saw my friends and family posting a black and white picture of the Philippine Map. The black and white map signifies the mourning for the losses from the super typhoon.

Then I stopped.

I let out a loud sigh.

I  changed the title of this from RED FLAGS to BLUE AND RED colored FLAG.

Life happens and the light bulb turns on.


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