I’m Just Settling In.

Posted: March 30, 2013 in Life

Brandon seems to be very eager for me to meet people. Everywhere I lived, I’ve always had too many friends, although there is no such thing as “too many” when everyone shows up randomly at your doorstep with a bottle of wine, to raid your fridge. Only one thing is for sure…They make me really happy.

It’s been four months and I haven’t really found anyone I can actually call to ask “What are we doing this weekend?”

When Brandon asks, my answer is simple.

“I have friends.”

It’s true, my friends are all over the world. I can call someone in Germany and have her send me the best pretzels from where she is at. One in Kuwait for some Ghuraiba cookies. I have friends in Japan for the best Ramen noodles. I have friends in Korea for some spicy sauce. I have a few people in the Philippines who would smuggle the hottest little peppers one can find. I have friends scattered in the United States who were smart enough to live some place warm, none of them is within a 6 hour drive. I have friends in UK, Canada, Russia, Italy, Nigeria etc etc! Most of them, I met from traveling and I remained friends with them since.

These people and I have so much things in common but one that is very distinctive.


Remember what Henry Rollins say about people who travel? They view things differently. They are more patient and open to the world. This is me. I can talk to you for hours and not get tired of listening to your crazy antics, in return. I will try the most disgusting, funky smelling food and charge it to experience. I will feed you with food you have not seen on TV or any gourmet cook book. If you need me at three o’clock in the morning because you want to cry over peanuts, I am there. I never ask for anything in return.

I open myself up to someone only once. What you see is what you get… if we click, we do. If not, I let go.

However, for some reason, I think some people mistake my kindness for “trying too hard” or being a loser. But what really is trying too hard? Man, if what I do is “trying too hard” relative to the norm here, I wonder what my future will be? lol

I am pretty realistic. The reason why a lot of friendships fail, is because friends stay with eachother even when they have NOTHING in common! Girls, you will be friends with someone FOR YEARS before you even realize that you are hanging out with the wrong person!

Sometimes I catch myself yapping about foreign stuff to someone and I feel like I am speaking in a different language! Lol

I now realize, some people are just not inclined to absorb unfamiliar things because they have never traveled nor have they ever opened their mind to new things.

However, for some of us, once we have been exposed to life other than what is here, we cannot turn off how our brain involuntarily wraps itself around an idea and filters things according to our own experience.

*I am aware that I am burning out quickly on topics here*

The bottom line is, I am not used to purposely setting a goal for someone to be my friend. It just happens. None of my relationships with any of my friends is predetermined! It’s like a marriage (most times, even friendship last longer than marriage).

So next time you see me walking by myself, unmindful of the world… don’t get me wrong.

This person isn’t empty and is filled with happiness inside. She just… she’s just not too worried of what you would think.


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