The Bocks, Being Back

Posted: March 4, 2013 in Life

Since we’ve been back, I haven’t written much. It’s been a complete turn around and it’s also been very hectic!

So, after dragging 30 boxes, 6 luggages and 3 butts back to Ohio from South Korea, It’s safe to say we are settled 3 months later.

Brandon’s fortune in landing a job with the DOL (OSHA safety officer) has been pretty neat. I love that he works from home from time to time and his job is pretty interesting. Minus the part where he has to investigate deaths and fatalities– but I guess it comes with the job. He is amazing 🙂 He deserves nothing less. Every year promotion, and to top it, it’s an almost stress-free job!

Along with this blessing is another blessing that came about.


I get to go to school full time. I don’t know, I just started to shy away from job offers and kept making excuses why I do not want to accept opportunities. One morning, I woke up and bam. I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Because the closest I could do that would require me less credit to accomplish, and pay me decent after graduation (Unlike a Psychology degree that will not really get you anywhere),  I have signed my life away back into nursing school.

Since it has been a minute from when I took some of the core classes for nursing, they only credited me a semester worth of classes, which will *fingers crossed* give me a projected grad date of winter next year 😀

As usual, Red is rockin’ in school. He misses friends from Korea but has made a few in school. He’s amazing.

Nursing school is a little tougher here than when I was in the Philippines, although (I am not saying any more) in comparison to the universities in the Philippines, the teaching technique here is a little bit less of spoon feeding. The professors encourage you to be independent, i guess.


Oh yeah, remember the Pauleys? We have seen them three-four times since we’ve been back 🙂 They have stayed in our house for a decent visit and will plan to see them more later! Spending the holidays with thee best friends– best gift ever.




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