Posted: December 7, 2012 in Life


Brandon and I both have a very interesting sense of humor… it’s not surprising that we subconsciously pass it down to RED.

On his first day of school, I had to physically walk him to the door. He was walking slowly behind me and I kept on slowing down for him. When we reached the bench and settled to wait for the doors to open, other kids were waiving at me. Yes, not him… Me. I stand 5 feet. That would be very very close to a 5th grader.. lol.

Red: Okay mom, this is awkward. Stop waiving back.

Me: Why not?

Red: Because they are waiving thinking that you go here, too.

Me: That’s ok… just tell them I’m your sister.

Red: Well that’s even more awkward.

Me: Why?

Red: Look around you.. no one else came here with their sister.

Me: >_<


ImagePicking him up from school that day.

Me: How was school dude?

Red: It was good, the girls kept saying HI “FRED”, So I keep on correcting them and make sure they know it’s RED.

Me: Awww it must be the Asian thingy goin on that thee girls are saying hi…

Red: They think I’m Japanese. -_-

Me: They probably think you’ll eventually help them with their Math Homework.

Red: Coz I’m Asian?

Me: Yeah.

Red: Yeah, also because they think I can sing Gangnam style.

Me: WHat?

Red: They asked me to translate it.



On his 10th bday, he had a special request to eat at the Japanese Habachi steakhouse after school. Since we both felt really bad that Brandon had to be at work, we were coming up with a sad remark to say to him.

Me: So what are you going to say to dad when he comes home?

Red: “Dad, It wasn’t the same without you.”

Me: You gotta do better than that.

He then shifted to tilt his head a bit to the right, looked straight in my eyes…

Red: (In puppy dog eyes) Dad, it wasn’t the same without you.

Me: Hahahahahahahaha such an actor.


Towards the end of dinner, he did or said something and I was jokingly asking him to go in the corner.

Me: Go in the corner, Young man!

Red: But it’s my bday…

Me: You still have to go stand in a corner.

He got quiet for a bit and was messing with his chopsticks on the table.


Red: There, I already am technically, in a corner.

Smarty pants positioned the chopsticks to form an angle.

Hitting the double digits, I want Redrick to know how much we appreciate him. This has been a tough transition and regardless of the situation, I want him to feel the changes at a bare minimum and MAKE HIS BDAY PARTY ONE OF THE BEST DAYS OF HIS LIFE.

He is amazing.


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