Posted: June 26, 2012 in Life

While on vacation in the Philippines, we held a church service at my grandma’s house on one of the Sundays we were staying there. My uncle, parted something during the sermon and pointed out the significance of love in the family.

“When one of our family members need help, everyone gets together to find a solution, everyone pitches in–no matter how bad it is.”

Everyone drops what they have to do and what they are doing to MAKE TIME in attending these urgent “family meetings”. Everyone brings ideas to the table and discusses these to alleviate the situation for the family member needing it. Everyone helps out until the situation is completely resolved and done.

Family values  in our society today are slowly fading and it deeply saddens me. Going home for a vacation seems to jump start mine… then I feel like I slowly fade in with the crowd again. Not that I have lost my values totally but not being exposed to it have changed my norm and standard.

Recently, Brandon and I have gone through a roller coaster of unfortunate events. For a long time everything was going smoothly in every aspect of our lives except for some speed bumps. However, when it rains, it pours.

Following the best vacation in the Philippines, things started taking a hard turn once we got back. We came home to an ugly situation, which was– thank God, really wasn’t that big of an issue if you think of it. Shortly after the issue was dead to me, we found out our orders to stay in Korea were with held for a few weeks. We did not have a  car, no ration cards to grocery shop and had no idea if Brandon was going to wake up the next day with a job or looking for a job.

Brandon and I are not used to asking for help so it was very difficult to do so. The only people that we are the most comfortable with when it comes to favors are family. There is a reason for that— it is the values we were raised with. Our friends reading this would never have thought of how hard the situation really was because we never showed how much distressed we were. We acted normal but at the back of our minds, our lives here might slowly disappear on us. Every day was a nightmare waiting to happen.

The issue on the orders disappeared, we got it on the third week of chaos and living below the standard… and then came some more lemons.

Our home in the US has been maltreated and once again, our kindness was taken advantage of. For three years of a charitable deed, our house was not getting enough loving from someone who would really care. It’s very hurtful, deceitful, disappointing and discouraging.


We have finally figured out the next steps for the house situation with a clearer and much more hopeful perspective and at the same time God has sent a few of his angels in the form of family to touch our hearts and say that we are not alone in this battle.

While browsing the pictures, I was balling my eyes. There were no words to speak how grateful we are. Brandon’s mom has taken over our house and the whole MILLER crew jumped on the wagon to get down and dirty!!!

Angie, Terry, Boomer, Autumn, Dakota—-

There are no words of how grateful we are of your kindness. You bring back the good ol meaning of “WHAT FAMILY IS FOR”.

Image ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

For this, I AM VERY PLEASED TO TAKE BACK your restriction, ANGIE –



Thank you for everything you do. We will be forever grateful.

I will be forever in debt for your kindness… then again, I AM taking good care of your son so that shaves off a few from my debt, right? LOL Just kidding.

I love you!


and oh, before I forget 🙂



  1. Angie says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWW< that's very sweet. That's what family is for, When someone needs help you pick up and help them out. We love you guys. Stay safe, and if there's anything else, just let us know!!! 🙂

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